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Klippyo creates breath-taking video!

Cutting-edge tool for creators that let you design professional videos with amateur skills

Videos are a powerful way to tell your brand story, capture attention and generate sales

But the last time you tried to create a video for your marketing, your audio was off, your effects looked amateur, and your edits looked like that family vacation film from the '90s.

That's about that change today!

Introducing Klippyo.

Breakdown of what you get:

Commercial rights to sell Klippyo videos to clients

Create unlimited videos

10 full-length customisable video sequences

Choose from and download 80 re-usable assets from a stock collection that's 300,000 strong

Access all features & Viddyoze integration

10 Intros & Outros for non-Viddyoze users

Klippyo is simple, easy-to-use, newbie friendly yet professional cloud-based video creation platform built by the same team behind Viddyoze 3D video creator and a YouTube super star. In a rush? TL DL:

Here's the list of what you can create using Klippyo:

Square videos... give you 78% more screen real-estate, increase views, engagement, and reduce your cost per engagement on mobile platforms.

Multiple aspect ratios... Shoot, edit and publish in any aspect ratio that suits your content, platform, or device.

Professional editing suite... purpose-built for mobile so you can create incredible social videos on the go.

Direct social media integration... Share straight to your favourite social platforms.

Emojis and Stickers... encourage likes, shares, and many other reactions to bring more people into your social sphere of influence.

Intros and Outros... customizable intros and outros to grab attention, create easy branding, and inspire action with direct calls to action.

Intros and Outros Pro... Integrate your Viddyoze account to bring world-class video animations to your Klippyo content.

Captions... boost viewer retention and interact with the hearing impaired, people in quiet environments, and the 85% of Facebook users who watch videos with the sound off.

Captions Pro... as an entirely optional extra, the team at Klippyo will create and sync pro-level captions for your video, for a small fee.

Quotes... quotes go viral like nothing else, and Klippyo makes it fast and easy to find a quote and publish it directly from your phone.

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Get access to the amazing Viddyoze app and get $50 of Viddyoze Credit to your account when you take action today. You can browser through Viddyozes entire library of 2000 animations and get some FREE animations created easily, if you decide to buy Klippyo today.

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Klippyo GFX Pack:

Get instant access to over 2000 Stock Images to use in your designs + 1000 Video Clips In Multiple Niches to use in your videos, presentations and more. PLUS you get access to 100 professional fonts as well. These are the perfect set of graphics for creating videos that pop out, get more engagement and look pretty.

Free Upgrade #3)

Klippyo Logo Kit:

Get access to 300 ready-made logo designs that you can use for yourself or for your online and offline clients. These logos are easy to edit and can be sold on fiverr and other freelancer sites.

Free Upgrade #4)

Klippyo Clients Getting Training:

This 8 part video training series will teach you how you can use Klippyo app to setup a video creation business online and start getting high paying clients. After all, you're getting the commercial license with Klippyo, why not make money using it?

Free Upgrade #5)

V2V Video Converter:

This is an extraordinary video converter. It allows you to convert video to almost any format. It supports more than 200 input and output formats, among them AVI, MPEG, MP4, MKV, 3GP and FLV. It will also allow you to do batch conversions, and alter the conversion configuration to your liking.

Free Upgrade #6)

ShowMore App:

ShowMore is a screen recorder for audio/visual screen recording. Save and upload any screen activity with a variety of choices for additional audio and file type. With a focus on creating finished video for upload, ShowMore Screen Recorder offers a complete package from initial capture to final edit.

Free Upgrade #7)

InstaHashtag App:

Quickly and easily start getting 1000s of new followers, likes and engagements on your instagram posts and turn them into visitors to your websites using the InstaHastag app. It helps you find the most popular tags to use in your instagram posts that instantly attract 1000s of likes and followers. Apps like these cost around $197/yr right now.

Free Upgrade #8)

Transcriber Pro App:

Transcriber Pro is a fast and convenient tool for professional transcribers. Put an end to switching between your media player and Word. Enjoy media player bundled with text editor, timestamps and speaker tagging, playback speed adjustment, fully customizable hotkeys and unique HTML export options (interactive captions with social media widgets).

Free Upgrade #9)

(Reseller License):

VidRankNeos gets you on page #1 of Google and YouTube for some of the keywords out there. You just need to analyze your competition on YouTube, setup live streaming schedule for multiple keywords and now it lets you run your stored videos as live as soon as you're ranked here.

Free Upgrade #10)

YT Rank Analyzer
(Whitelabel License):

With the help of this software you can discover how you can dominate YouTube to build massively targeted list for free. You just need to enter one or more keyword phrases and let the software find the best keyword to target for the traffic.

Free Upgrade #11)

Social Site Sharer Links Widget
(Client Usage Access):

Simply click and forget. This plugin will provide your site a sharing link to social media without any configuration needed.

Free Upgrade #12)

Site Link Checker
(Client Usage Access):

An essential tool which will help you quickly locate broken links and links containing syntactic errors. Site Link Checker will search your site, testing each link it finds and reports the status of each link.

OTO Only Bonuses

Free Upgrade #13)

Easy Video Spinner
(Client Usage Access):

Create various versions of your videos so that you can target different keywords without getting penalized for uploading the same videos.

Free Upgrade #14)

SEO Index Booster Pro
(Client Usage Access):

A powerful tool to create high ranking backlinks in no time. It submits your site to a large number of sites and these backlink sites are highly visible to the major search engines and will quickly spider, aggregate, and link to your website.

Free Upgrade #15)

Nibbleblog Pro
(Client Usage Access):

It is a powerful engine for creating blogs, all you need is PHP to work. It's very simple to install and configure.

Apple Pryor

Klippyo is a lot of fun to work with! It's a powerful one-stop shop right here. Definitely a time-saving platform!

Klippyo gives you the creative space to focus on your video content and adapt the dimensions to specific social media projects in a flash.

Everything is laid out and available with a click of the mouse to make attention-getting, value-packed videos - quickly.

The only limitation is what you place on your creative imagination.

What you know about creating video content and what you have yet to experience in making creative, next level, video projects, Klippyo is the platform that advances your video possibilities and enables those possibilities to shine

Rhonda Martin

Klippyo is the easiest and fastest way I've used to create engaging videos for social media, across all platforms with just the click of a few buttons.

A great feature is the seamless integration with Shutterstock videos, images and audio. Click a button and you can search through a multitude of media and select one that gets added right in to your timeline and its all part of Klippyo - no Shutterstock account required. Thousands saved in fees!

The same goes for YouTube, with no need to download, embed or copy the share code Just one click on the media you want and it's in your timeline...

The one click options to change the aspect ratio of the video for all main social media platforms which includes the optimum pixel size, landscape, square and vertical formats is such a huge timesaver.

Add to this the ability to create memes in seconds, add quotes, emojis, animated text and music to stock video and photos or upload your own and Klippyo is your go to platform to create your social media videos.

For me Klippyo is 'quickyo'... its fast, efficient and effective. Its gets my vote.

Tyler Lebens

From the moment I opened Klippyo, I knew it was another home run from the Viddyoze team. Having the ability to dress up, or dress down a video with just a few clicks is awesome, but opening the door to a creative space that's limited only by your imagination, puts Klippyo over the top!

I found with Klippyo I could continue to add and change aspects of video to come up with something new every time I tried a different text, color combination or effect. As a product sales company and marketing agency its important to stay fresh, current and attractive. Klippyo helps me to provide my clients with a never ending supply.

From a user standpoint Klippyo delivers a UI that is perfect for a newbie or a seasoned veteran of video creation and marketing. Anyone can create a high converting, engaging masterpiece with Klippyo. If you are an agency, get it! If you are someone who wants to learn and create eye catching video products, get it! I highly recommend Klippyo and fully believe it to be another game changer in the world of video creation.

Lorraine Gibson

Ok, this was not was I was expecting, but, as always with the Viddyoze Team, this is something new and exciting! It was easy to use, not complicated at all, and the only limits were my imagination! The integration with Viddyoze, YouTube, and other platforms is AWESOME, and I really like the on-screen quote capabilities - would love to see a lot more of those!

I know this VT (Viddyoze Team) loves to listen to suggestions, so I can only imagine what Klippyo will grow into! Great job VT, you're always bringing your best to us, so we can bring the best to our clients. You Guys Rock It!!

Listen, not everyone can be a Picasso or an Oscar-winning director. Save yourself the time, get Klippyo while it's still available for a one-time license fee and create videos easily.

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